Just realized I hit and surpassed my first 6fig/yr as a marketer last month (October 2020). Affiliate SEO and blogging precisely.

A milestone I never believed would happen so soon.No matter how much “value” post I drop. It will never change anything for most people.

The “secret” still falls back to the BASICS:

1). Put something out to the world. Consistently. Fast. Monitor performance and silo on the productive and good stuff

2). Follow, pay close attention, and listen to those who are already at the spot you desire to be. And invest (if you can) to tap from their years and decades of experience

3). Finally, stop listening to every guru and falling for the latest trend. Marry your lane and trust the process

If there’s one lesson I’ve learned this year which so many people get wrong is that:

Having success online is no longer about doing what you enjoy.

No, it’s not and will be never beIt is doing what you want to sustain for the longest period of time. No matter how painful it is.

Appreciate the risk, the shame, the uncertainty, failures, and insane hours.

This is coming from someone who has literally seen and gone through all the challenges in this space

Plus, English is more of my third language. From a country where making money online isn’t appreciated by so many. So?

Btw, anyone still in the “figuring out” mode should feel free to hit me up. And NO, I have nothing to sell you lol. I really wish tho.

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