The best software investment in my business for me so far this year has been ConvertBox.

Got the lifetime deal about 2 months ago.

First, after a month, I started experimenting with the lightbox and full-screen overlay on targeting specific posts and promoting affiliate offers by showing them to visitors on their way to exit.

The full screen outperformed the lightbox by FAR. It got more clicks and made me a commission of $247.5.

Just 6days after implementing ConvertBox on a few targeted posts.

As someone who reads and follows a ton of blogs for knowledge and inspiration – I noticed that most of them use fullscreen overlay for collecting emails and driving clicks add some sort of image or graphic on them.

While mine were converting at about 2-4% clicks. I decided to experiment with images on the overlay. This performed way better. 5-6.5%.

I got a winner. 🏆

While the clicks to the affiliate offer increased, it didn’t reflect much on the aff. conversions. Though had already made x3 of the software investment after 2 weeks of implementation.

I know I should have collected emails instead.

But these are different overlays on different contents. And I was (and still am) trying to come up with perfect lead magnets to collect emails instead of sending them directly to the offers.

I thought of adding two CTA buttons on the overlay. I did and also split tested this and the double button outperformed the single CTA button by over 75 clicks%! 😯

For example, one button says “Get Your GrooveFunnels Lifetime Deal”, then the other says ” No, I Want to Learn More About Pricing”

Lesson learned there!

I’m now seeing a 12-16% interaction/click rate.

It’s been a few weeks since I got this little but POWERFUL tool. And it has made me 1,5k in extra commissions.

From existing contents.

Still figuring out my ‘perfect’ lead magnet, before writing a few follow-ups emails then changing to lead capture lol 😂

This particular ConvertBox feature is like 5% of what this tool does.

I still use ThriveLeads and will switch away soon.

ConvertBox also replaces OpinionStage (interactive quiz and survey maker) and RightMessage (website personalization tool).


Because the lifetime deal is expiring soon OR probably increasing. According to Dean Saunders (the founder).

In the next 23hours 40 minutes. (as I’m writing this).

The countdown timer is on the sales page below.

I’m leaving my review link below for anyone who’s interested in reading more about it. (Also, updating the post as I type this).

You’ll notice a sticky bar and the exit intent in action on the page. Done with CB ✅

OR you can just go straight to the sales page (linked down) and watch the demo before testing it out.

The image below is a shot of a file that contains over 60 screenshots of different pop-ups, exit intents, quizzes, CTas, slide-ins, etc, I took from different sites whenever I see the one that grabs my attention.

I use them personally for inspiration and add new ones on a daily.

I think it could make a perfect bonus or lead magnet?

I’m definitely throwing it out to anyone who grabs this deal via my link. Before or after it expires in the next 23 hours.

If you made it to this part and you don’t wanna buy it. I appreciate you for reading. Means a lot. Kindly drop a reaction to help reach those who might be interested 😅

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