Sometimes I just smile when I see y’all my friends born, raised, and running businesses in the first world countries

Sharing their backstory on how they struggled their way up, had a $9 per hour job, delivered pizza, dropped out of college, thrown out their parents’ house, etc…

I mean $5 an hour? that’s a dream come true for graduates here lol

A lot of you are blessed already and have all it takes but you have no idea yet

In my mind I’ll be like:

You need to have at least 5minute taste of Nigeria struggle to be grateful enough

Let me give you an idea:

I submitted close to 50 applications and never had a job after graduating

There’s been a power outage in my apartment for hours now. I’ve been working on gen (powered with fuel) for the past 7 hours

I get questioned (sometimes harassed and extorted) by the police every now and then while driving

Not received any affiliate commissions via PayPal since Jan. the one I had access to got limited. Tons of money hanging, some lost. PayPal doesn’t operate here

The minimum wage here is 30k Naira. Divide dat by 470 to get the $ dollar equivalent 😂

Systematic killings, terrorism, kidnapping, injustice, and banditry have been persistent in various parts of the country for years. Now in its worst time 😢

You are not safe to talk about the government anyhow

They banned Twitter recently in Nigeria. Cuz a crazy tweet by the president which violated Twitter regulations was deleted. We can only access Twitter via VPN atm. Been a recent order to prosecute anyone found still using Twitter lol

The need of an average Nigerian is to wake up daily, go out and hustle for food, shelter, and clothing for today. Not tomorrow, not next month, not next year

The list goes on and on… 🤦‍♂️

No this isn’t a poor country. We boast the largest economy in Africa. There are really good things to talk about!

We’re resilient. We have the brightest minds. A land of endless opportunities

But what’s the problem?

Corrupt government! Corrupt leaders!!

Old men with rotten agendas, not ready to let go off power.

Well, today is our democracy day 🇳🇬

Nothing to celebrate. But protests (again) on the streets

Wishing all my Nigerian brothers and sisters safety out there

And let’s keep praying for a better nation and hoping one day things get calm 🙏

P.S. my first selfie upload in years. can’t help it. feel like showing off our soccer jersey. we also got the finest one. e too fine abeg!

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