Road to $1million?

Finally launched my crypto site yesterday 💃

Started writing the contents early last month without having a single idea of how the Crypto market/niche works 😂

I’m partially invested in crypto but I’d rate my knowledge – 10/100

So far – 23 in-depth guides written. 6 published posts on this brand new site

300 juicy low-competition keywords mapped out for this project and it keeps growing…

You’d be wondering how a dummy like me on crypto be embarking on such an ‘interesting’ journey

Had no interest in pursuing something like this. But all thanks to Jarvis 🤖 for helping knock out these contents

I’m starting this as an experiment. Using a totally new approach to blogging and SEO

And will be using Mr. Jarvis to write almost all the content for this site

I’ve talked about Jarvis previously. And how much money marketers and online businesses could save a hell of lot of time on crafting copies easily with it. Without hiring copywriters

It’s insane tbh!

However, I still think Jarvis is so underrated in the blogging and SEO space

Imagine having someone who writes your blog contents – optimized to rank on Google?

I’m over here writing content so. much. faster. than before. for a niche, I barely know anything about

A funny project that could be worth $1million years from now 🤯

I’ll be updating you guys on the progress of this project as time goes on

And probably reveal the site and my entire process. Probably

As for now, there’s a big update + event coming up tomorrow (Tuesday) on the future of writing and how you yourself can take advantage of this incredible lifesaver.

I’m dropping a link for you guys to join me (and 2k others tomorrow for this event)

P.S. below is a screenshot of how many words Jarvis has generated me so far over the past months.

Guys here’s a link to the free event tomorrow on using Jarvis to create irresistible marketing copy and long-form blog posts:

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